Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello World!

Baby 2 Ultrasound
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Hi World! Here I am!

Today I greeted my parents and my big sister Hannah, as they saw me for the first time at an appointment for an ultrasound. I was being coy and didn't want to move around too much to cause much excitment, but on much prompting of a voice which sounded like my big sister Hannah saying... "Come on baby! Come down and play and jump around!"... I kinda had to comply... :)

Mummy and Daddy were all excited and relieved at the same time as they all knew about me causing trouble a few months back, but decided to keep it a secret until I started to behave myself... :)

I've been making Mummy feel very ill since I came into being, and she is always very tired... Daddy keeps gently reminding me to be nice to my Mummy, and that if I didn't there will be a smack on my bottom when I finally come out into this world... :) So I'd better be nicer to Mummy...

I now have a nickname of Cinderalla Jackson... why? you might ask? Cos my big sister Hannah has been saying that if I was a girl (and she's been pretty adamant that I am...) that she'll call me Cinderella... and Daddy asks "What is it's a boy?"... "Then I'll call him Jackson!" is the reply... hence Cinderella Jackson! Mummy and Daddy told my big sister Hannah that she can call me these names as a nickname depending on if I am a boy or girl, but they will choose a nice name for me when they find out!

And at this point... I'm the only one that knows! *tee hee*